Why People Love Indian Food Instead of Others?

  • October 23, 2018
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Indian food? Hot, spicy, aromatic, oily, finger licking and food that can revive your taste buds. Indian cuisines are indeed one of the most loved cuisines not only in India but around the globe. Indian food has an astonishing amount of diversity and variety which perhaps is hard to find anywhere else. People Love Indian Food, because Indian dishes have a mesmerising aroma, are delicious and comes with exotic flavors. So much that it is hard to resist the Indian cuisine even you have eaten to your heart’s content!

Why People Love Indian Food?

You might get surprised to know that Indian cuisine is one of the most accepted cuisines worldwide. People love Indian cuisine and have accepted Indian food with big open arms. Wherever you might be, you will easily find a good authentic Indian restaurant near you. Indian cuisine comprises all the dishes that are native to India and their recipes have passed from one generation to other. This has kept the original taste of the dishes alive. So you can have the same taste in Biryani that your ancestor may have tasted and enjoyed.

Why Indian cuisines are so popular?

Is it the array of spices that are found only in India, the preparation style, secret recipes or a combination of all of the above? Whatever may be the reason, but Indian food has always amazed us with great taste and aroma. Let us try to find out the reasons why Indian food is so much loved by the people. You will find a bonus point at the end!

  1. Because of Spices

Indian cuisine is known for having very spicy dishes. This is because, India is abundant in spices and different spices are found in the different parts of the country according to terrain, climate, and the demographic location. Indian food is popular among the people who love to eat hot and spicy food. In fact, most of the Indian food is not tasty if it is not hot and spicy. Some of the hottest spices that are used in almost all Indian cuisine are chilli, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, ginger etc.

  1. Because Indian food is healthy

Indian food is popular among the people because it is healthy too. Most Indians are conscious of their health and love to eat healthy food. All the spices that are used for preparing the dishes have many health benefits also. It is not surprising to see why Indians are healthier than most of the national groups in Europe. Some of the tasty and healthy dishes include Tandoori chicken, Biryani, seekh kebab, and the list is endless.

  1. Because of Indian Desserts

Indian food is incomplete without some delicious, tasty desserts. Indian food is abundant in sweet treats. There are so many Indian desserts that have become famous all over the world. There are tons of Indian desserts to try out after having a spicy Indian main course. One of the famous  Indian desserts is Mango Raita. It is a sweet dessert which is prepared with mango and chilled yogurt.

  1. Because it uses fewer preservatives

The traditional Indian food is prepared from an array of fresh vegetables cooked in such a way that it can retain the freshness and the nutrition value. A lot of cooking procedures involves cooking processes that tend to lose the nutrition value of the food but not Indian. Indian food allows you to enjoy the health benefits of vegetables in their original form. Moreover, traditional Indian food is prepared from scratch and uses no preservatives. Therefore provide more nutritious value.

  1. Health benefits from species

Indian cooking includes the use of spices like turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic all of which have medicinal properties. So, when people think of Indian food as spicy, they do not realize that the spices add health benefits to the food and make the food tastier.

  1. Gives you Balanced Diet

India food includes carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fats, and fibers. All of these elements are necessary for a good and healthy diet. Yogurt, which is often used in Indian food keep the digestive system healthy. It also comprises of Calcium which is healthy for bones. It also helps in making the immune system strong.

  1. Bonus Point: Scientific Reason

There is a scientific reason why Indian food is so delicious to support my stand. So you’ll now have a proof of what I was saying in the entire article. Researchers have analyzed more than 2500 recipes to figure out why Indian food is so tasty, and is more complex than you think. This is because of the type of ingredients used in preparing the dishes. The Western style of preparing dishes attempts to pair similar ingredients to make the dishes taste good. On the other hand, Indian food combines ingredients that do not share the same properties.

Indian recipe is based on ‘negative food pairing’. That means, for example, if you find Cayenne in the Indian dish, you are unlikely to find the ingredients that share the same compounds. Though you may find ingredients that are complementary to each other but not identical. This gives Indian food an edge over all the Western dishes.


I am sure you might be craving for Indian food right now after reading this article. Now you know all know the health benefits of Indian food apart from being “spicy”. There is a lot more to Indian food than you might think and next time someone talks negative about Indian food, just remember the above-mentioned points to win the argument!

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